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Just before Christmas, I found myself watching Tony Scott’s latest film Domino. You remember Tony Scott; he made Crimson Tide and Top Gun and that homage to everything mindlessly violent, Man on Fire. Hey, don’t get me wrong – I enjoyed True Romance, and, yes, Days of Thunder (or Top Gun in Indy Cars) was a bit of a stinker. But in years to come, films like The Last Boy Scout  

Portrayals of illness in film abound, often eliciting emotional reactions from viewers. One only needs to think of such memorably ill characters like Jenny Cavilleri in Love Story or Andrew Beckett in Philadelphia to see how illness can become an integral component of the plot; a deep well of dramatic tension that drives characterisation and story development. Many illnesses have filmic potential but mental illnesses have undoubtedly been the most popularly  

“Come on Rivers,” Jackson said impatiently, “it’s twenty ‘til nine. We have to get back.” “Perfection takes time,” River’s announced egotistically from the bathroom in his “broadcasting” voice. “Someday you’ll realize that, and then you’ll be a real boy.” If you’re a new reader, click here to start at part I. Jackson sighed. He hated when Rivers talked like that outside of the studio. His voice dropped down to the back of his throat  

It feels SO good – after months of dreaming, planning and working on this mammoth undertaking, to finally get into the real meat of it! Today we had our first rehearsal, with co-producers Kath and Sian at the helm, one of our camera dudes Daniel and of course, the actors, Sam and myself. Our rehearsal approach is a little different from the average film. Given that we’re shooting it impro-style, the rehearsals  

In most art house films dealing with confronting subject matter, the aims of the film-maker are often obscured by the overall effect of their repugnant material. Films like A Clockwork Orange [1] and Man Bites Dog [2] received criticism because of their content. Half of the reviews on these films engaged in emotive, moralist knee-jerking that condemned and did not attempt to look further. The ‘message’ of the film was usually dismissed as a plot contrivance designed  

subdiva Senior Columnist since 01/17/2003 Posted on: May 14, 2003 07:45 Can’t wait! What does a lunar eclipse do for our horoscopes? raz Registered Member since 03/10/2002 Posted on: May 14, 2003 16:19 Makes them just as vague and inaccurate as any other day? Just a guess. thisbitchbytes Registered Member since 08/18/2002 Posted on: May 14, 2003 19:16 I love it when you get all New-Agey! Bet you’re a hugger, too. ADeadHeart Senior Columnist since 09/23/2002 Posted on: May 14, 2003 21:55 Damn….I missed it. Anyone get any photos? zenballwizard Senior Columnist since 10/18/2001 Posted... 

Wow. I can’t even believe how long it’s been since I last wrote a journal entry. And, as I’m sure you’re aware, I have a lot of viable excuses for this negligence. First, there’s the obligatory trip home for the holidays. It was nice. I went to my familys home, and didn’t get to spend any time with my peeps in Richmond, which left me very upset. Nothing like going to R  

A la fin du XIXe siècle, en France, la presse sportive est dominée par un titre : Le Vélo. Mais la prise de position de son patron Pierre Giffard dans l’affaire Dreyfus fait des vagues. Les fabricants de cycles (pour la plupart antidreyfusards) qui financent son journal par la publicité n’apprécient pas. En 1900, ils choisissent de financer Henri Desgrange qui crée un journal concurrent L’Auto-Vélo. Alors que le Vélo est  

Wow. I just finished watching an hour-and-a-half car accident of a film. My frigging *eyes* hurt. That’s right, kids, this is a rant with no victims. Well, I’m a victim, but only because I watched it. You may be wondering what I’m talking about. Well, I’ll tell you: Escaflowne. Yeah, I know. I was surprised too. It’s such a good series, I thought, there’s no way they could screw up the movie  

There will be four votes daily for three days until a two-thirds vote for one candidate is achieved. To talk of ‘votes’ however, is to imply a democracy and confer a legitimacy that is undeserving of the process. This election is about as fair and open as that for the board of a segregationist country club. If it were a Pope Idol phone in or a postal vote, at least women  

i don’t watch a lot of TV. it’s not that i don’t like TV. i do. i just always seem to have something better to do with my time (ie: surf the internet). i haven’t had cable since i moved to richmond 8 years ago… it was an expense i could never quite justify (cable modem? yes. cable tv? no). i work most evenings, so i miss a lot of primetime  

7am : I awake to hear a car pulling up. It’s Colin Pasche who is playing Tim’s dodgy Cousin, “dodgy Rodgy!” It takes me a few moments in my bleary half-awake state to realize why he’s an hour early rocking up – as a northern NSW local, Colin is on day-light savings time!! Doh. 7.08am : The above realization spurs me into action. I need coffee. I chat casually to Colin about the scenes  

There’s something familiar about being filmed by a NYU student who thinks you look like Clara Bow and being woken up by a perfect stranger who’s taking you from behind and for the encore throws up all over you. Kerr…splat. Familiar? What am I talking about? Remember that naughty flick Pulp Fiction? Rules of Attraction was co-written by the same guy; only Roger Avary could write something this disturbing and make it into an  

Thank you so very much, to all the wonderful people Holly, Casey the Pound Dog and I met this morning at the Sacramento Convention Center! We distributed more than 1,000 promotional fliers and cards for MarkTalk, along with 200 “Congratulations Tom Sullivan” leaflets as well. Dozens of people mentioned following my work on Fox and in the Sacramento Union and many more greeted me like an old friend, and expressed their disappointment  

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