Dancer In The Dark is familiar territory for Danish director Lars von Trier. Like his later films Breaking the Waves and The Idiots, he presents us with a story told through the lens of a digital camera, a technique celebrated by von Trier and other members of the Dogma crew. It is a shaky, ultra-naturalistic version of events, bringing with it a carefully constructed ‘dodginess’ that invites us to believe the  

Director: Gus Van Sant Cast: Michael Pitt, Lukas Haas, Asia Argento, Scott Green, Nicole Vicius, Ricky Jay, Ryan Orion Classification: M15+ One of my lecturers at university, himself a review writer and ex-film critic, often talks about the difference between his gut reaction and his considered reaction. The gut reaction is that feeling deep inside that builds up over the course of the two hours or so that it takes to watch a film,  

Horror isn’t something the Australian film industry is renowned for. Wolf Creek attempts to change this with an internationally distributed horror flick shot in the Australian outback, which, surprisingly, isn’t that shamelessly ‘Aussie’. The movie has a huge scare-factor to live up to – it’s been hyped as the Australian version of The Blair Witch Project and the film’s official movie site bills it as ‘the most terrifying Australian film ever made’.  

What a week! If you were a star-struck celebrity stalker, UMBS was the place to be. In the space of 48 hours, we saw Madeleine Albright, Jack Welch and Martha Stewart in our school, with a buzz around the campus not seen since…well, I’ve never seen such a buzz around here. Admittedly, there may be no direct thread of continuity between a world-famous diplomat and former U.S. Secretary of State, the  

Derry City Council – Mayor acknowledges fifteen years of Healthy Cities is a greater need than ever for a Derry Healthy Cities to develop a cohesivebe able to publicly recognise the work of organisations who often quietlyoperational approach at local level and Derry Healthy Cities is an ideal vehicle for that. I thank them for their work to date and look forward to seeing more of their good work in the future.”  

Young Adam is an interesting beast. Having originally sprung from the mind of an unapologetic, pulpit preaching smack addict, the novel suffered the dubious honour of being rewritten by its cash strapped author (who incidentally pimped his wife for dope cash) as a porn novel. Now we have the original story presented with talented pretty boy Ewan McGregor as an intriguingly dark and gritty British film. The story follows a young man working on a coal barge  

As you can see, Austria was beautiful. Amazing. I loved it! I could live there! Well, not really, but I thought I could for about 10 minutes. Then I remembered that we were at the back of the bus. I get carsick. Oh boy. Mountains. Carsick. Bitter in the back of the bus. Not good. Innsbruck: There are some absolutely lovely pilsner glasses with flowers painted on them in a little shop  

I slammed the book shut, the short report sounding like muffled gunfire up in the attic. “Un. Fucking. Believable….” I muttered, leaning back until I was slouched against the wall, the book still in my hands. My thumbs lightly running up and down the sides, as if to massage the soft, beige coloured leather. Absent mindedly sweeping my fingers across the embedded gold lettering, I recalled all my memories of my mother. Finding her  

Riding in the back seat watching the world go by the week ending August 8. Not caring at all where the driver is taking the now shakier than shaky hunk of metal contraption he calls a rally car. Taking the patience of winter, press and news releases of the game developers and distributors still aren’t making the grade for insulation like asbestos can. Setting them alight is hard when the windows  

Hyjak & Torcha: Drastik Measures by Sukrit ( OR Personality and vitality. These are two of the essential ingredients that separate good hip-hop albums from great ones. The first refers to how an artist is able to project their musical persona; the second is all about energy levels. Often, it is the assiduous rappers who produce the best work as they come closest to spitting-game perfection. Up and coming local talent is  

He almost killed himself eating McDonalds on camera for 30 days straight – yet he can’t wait to bite into a meat pie? What is wrong with Supersized diet freak Morgan Spurlock? With media coverage to rival the Golden Arches, Morgan Spurlock has been all over the Aussie press and TV the past week triumphing his anti-fast food film Super Size Me. If you haven’t heard of him, then it’s time to  

Oh no! I’m in such a panic! It’s not like all but four left-leaning women on my campus didn’t hate me. Anyway, I just want to share the love! In other knee-slapping blog news, check out the bitch girls [why not c**] wherein you’ll find your typical right-wing hostility with a token “lib” and a lot of “kick their asses for being so f*cking stupid” yawnery. (Words edited by Bitter.) To answer Peter’s  

Rosstache, the charity fundraiser that challenges MBAs to grow their mustaches for over a month, came to a roaring close last Thursday and brought in over $8,000 for Orchards Children’s Services. Nearly 100 of the hairiest men in the B-school met at Scorekeepers Bar & Grill to settle, once and for all, who had the best moustache at Ross. The moustaches were judged in several categories by Christina Daniels from Woodbury Gardens  

“Ultimately, it’s none of our business. We seem to think because someone wants to be famous or is famous that they no longer have a right to their personal lives.” —That’s like saying you want to be a soldier and not go to war, or you want to be a fireman or not get burned. Fame has a price. Ask Donald Trump, he could have been like most developers that enjoy the  

Ah, now I actually wrote an essay about soap operas as part of my University degree. (No, seriously!) Question is how much can I actually remember? The biggest difference between soap operas and other genres is their form. They never completely resolve (unless, and only sometimes this is the case, if they’re being scrapped as a series altogether) themselves. Even though Hope learns about her past as Princess Gina, this isn’t the  

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